Fairy Fantasy
Author :
Publisher : Bluecatgallery.com
Release Date : 2016-05-01
ISBN 10 : 9781944845063
Pages : 82 pages
Rating : 4/5 from 21 reviews

Fairy Fantasy is an adult coloring book that features 24 full page illustrations of enchanting fairies by the artist who brought you "Cats & Quilts" and "Mermaid Fantasy." While the pictures are detailed, the subject matter is appropriate for all ages. Pick up your pencils and enter a relaxing, mindful realm of fantasy art filled with delightful forest and garden fae. There is no clip art or stock photos used in Fairy Fantasy. Each and every picture is the product of my imagination, drawn with my own hand. 24 unique hand drawn illustrations Bonus illustrations in 4x6" and zoomed in view also included Printed single sided on 60 lb pure white paper, perfect for colored pencils and pastels Generous margins for easy removal if you prefer to color with wet media

Fairy Fantasy Coloring Book For Kids

by Taj Coloring Book

Welcome to the world of Fairy Fantasy! This children's coloring book is full of happy, smiling, beautiful Fairy Fantasy for kids. Here discover 50 Fairy Fantasy to color with watercolors, colored pencils, markers, crayons, or gel pens. This coloring book incorporates a variety of adorable designs and creates hours of coloring fun for Adults, Teens, and Kids! Fairy Fantasy Coloring Book Features: Includes 50 beautiful designs Big 8.5 x 11 inch pages Fairy Fantasy coloring pages One-sided coloring pages helps to prevent bleed-through Printed

Mystical Fairy Fantasy Coloring Book

by Jemima Challoner

Step into the Mythical and Mystical World of Fairies. This is a collection of flower and nature fairies all displayed in their own unique frame. Let the stresses of the day dissolve as you unwind and create your own mystical world coloring in these fairies. Suitable for adults and older children, great for all skill levels as there is a range of details in the images. 26 unique images, the fairies are waiting for you to choose your favorite color and

Teaching Thinking Skills with Fairy Tales and Fantasy

by Nancy Polette

Offers ideas for improving abstract thinking skills using fairy tales and fantasy and includes exercises and activity suggestions for classroom use.

Louisa May Alcott s Fairy Tales and Fantasy Stories

by Louisa May Alcott

A scholarly collection of the fairy tales and fantasy stories of Louisa May Alcott. A critical introduction examines the works and places them in the context of American fantasy.

J Shutong Fairy Tales  Vol 3   fantasy and goblin

by 梁庭嘉,张华,列御寇,刘义庆,刘安,段成式,冯梦龙,马总,袁枚

Ten Chinese classic stories about fantasy and goblin. 1.Zong Dingbo Sells the Ghost by 张华 (232~300) 2.Dummy by 列御寇 (Spring and Autumn Period People) 3.Yangxian Scholar by 吴均 (469~520) 4.Hungry Ghost by 刘义庆 (403~444) 5.Big Thief by 刘安 (179 BC ~ 122 BC) 6.Magic Doctor Bian Que by 列御寇 (Spring and Autumn Period People) 7.Pang’s Brothers by 段成式 (803~863) 8.Magic Well by 冯梦龙 (1574~1646) 9.Magic Paintbrush by 马总 (Tang Dynasty People) 10.Tumblers by 袁枚 (1716~1797)

Fantasy Worlds  Fairy Tales  Fables  Inspirational Stories  Enchanting Beings  Magical Worlds

by Tygo Lee

Once Upon a Time in faraway magical lands there were many unusual and fascinating beings. Adventure and excitement were in the air, encouraging us to explore the mysterious settings inhabited by dragons, elves, bayou spirits, dwarves, magic mirrors, and more. From the humorously lighthearted to the more solemnly thought-provoking, these enchanting fairy tales and magical fables touch on many significant aspects of our daily lives and relationships, such as: the pitfalls of strict conformity, the recognition of outer versus inner

The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales

by Jack Zipes

This Oxford companion provides an authoritative reference source for fairy tales, exploring the tales themselves, both ancient and modern, the writers who wrote and reworked them and related topics such as film, art, opera and even advertising.

A Fairy Story

by Colin W. Campbell

A family-friendly fairy story of friendship, loyalty, leadership, peer pressure, and fairies. From the pen of Colin W. Campbell. About 1,400 words.

Fairy s Fall

by C.J. Cala

This is a fairy poem dedicated to all adults that are not dead enough in their minds to still dream.

Folklore and the Fantastic in Nineteenth Century British Fiction

by Dr Jason Marc Harris

Jason Marc Harris's ambitious book argues that the tensions between folk metaphysics and Enlightenment values produce the literary fantastic. Demonstrating that a negotiation with folklore was central to the canon of British literature, he explicates the complicated rhetoric associated with folkloric fiction. His analysis includes a wide range of writers, including James Barrie, William Carleton, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Sheridan Le Fanu, Neil Gunn, George MacDonald, William Sharp, Robert Louis Stevenson, and James Hogg. These authors, Harris suggests, used folklore

Fairy Fantasy Enchanted Adult Coloring Book

by Pretty Fairy Coloring Book,Adult Coloring Books

Beautiful Fairy Fantasy Coloring Book For Grownups Who Love Fairies. This fairy fantasy coloring book for grown ups and teens is great for the enchanted fairy design lover or someone who just likes to relax coloring. Every fairy fantasy picture is printed on its own 8.5 x 11 inch page, which means once you've finished creating your fairy coloring page you can frame it. Once you get this fairy coloring book for adults it will be one of the best decisions you've

Why Fairy Tales Stick

by Jack Zipes

In his latest book, fairy tales expert Jack Zipes explores the question of why some fairy tales "work" and others don't, why the fairy tale is uniquely capable of getting under the skin of culture and staying there. Why, in other words, fairy tales "stick." Long an advocate of the fairy tale as a serious genre with wide social and cultural ramifications, Jack Zipes here makes his strongest case for the idea of the fairy tale not just as a

J R R  Tolkien  Robert E  Howard and the Birth of Modern Fantasy

by Deke Parsons

The birth of modern fantasy in 1930s Britain and America saw the development of new literary and film genres. J.R.R. Tolkien created modern fantasy with The Lord of the Rings, set in a fictional world based upon his life in the early 20th century British Empire, and his love of language and medieval literature. In small-town Texas, Robert E. Howard pounded out his own fantasy realm in his Conan stories, published serially in the ephemeral pulp magazines he

Fantasy Fairytale

by Martha J. Benedetti

Lotus Fairy

by Cross Stitch Collectibles

Lotus Fairy - Fantasy extra-large print cross stitch pattern by Cross Stitch Collectibles Finished Sizes (approximate) 14 count: 21.5" x 24.75" 18 count: 16.75" x 19.25" 24 count: 12.5" x 14.5" Stitches: 300w x 345h Pattern Features: * Extra-Large-print for easy reading * Full cross stitches only * Black/White chart with easy-to-read symbols * Comprehensive instruction sheet * Complete materials list included Benefits of Large-Print Cross Stitch Patterns: : This book is an "Extra-Large-Print" cross stitch pattern. Stitching our beautiful cross stitch patterns is a labor of love and very time-consuming. Reading such large

Unicorn Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4 8

by Suphaphon Noinonghwa

Unicorn Fairy Fantasy Patterns for Girl Let your children have fun and build theme creative skills in the field of colouring! This children's colouring book is for anyone who loves unicorns, it has a nice variety of cute unicorns easy to colour, and it makes a nice and special gift. Unicorns possess ethereal beauty that doesn't seem to belong to this world, they are basically horses with magic which is the all-time favorite topic about unicorns that people have talked

Fairy Tales  Myth  and Psychoanalytic Theory

by Professor Veronica L Schanoes

At the same time that 1970s feminist psychoanalytic theorists like Jean Baker Miller and Nancy Chodorow were challenging earlier models that assumed the masculine psyche as the norm for human development and mental/emotional health, writers such as Anne Sexton, Olga Broumass, and Angela Carter were embarked on their own revisionist project to breathe new life into fairy tales and classical myths based on traditional gender roles. Similarly, in the 1990s, second-wave feminist clinicians continued the work begun by Chodorow

Fairies Fantasy Coloring Book for Adults

by Coloring Phebe

Fairies Fantasy Coloring Book for Adults: Stress Relieving Geometric Pattern Designs for Adults Relaxation from Coloring Phebe, this adult coloring book has 32 stress relieving Fairies designs to provide hours of fun, calm, relaxation and stress relief through creative expression. Designs range in complexity and detail from beginner to expert-level. You will Love this Coloring Book. It offers: Stress Relieving Designs that are Great for Relaxation. Each coloring page is designed to provide calmness and relaxation as you channelize your energies