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Release Date : 2004
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Asian Art

by Dorinda Neave,Lara C. W. Blanchard,Marika Sardar,Miranda Bruce-Mitford

Illuminates the rich history of Asian Art from ancient times to the present Asian Art provides students with an accessible introduction to the history of Asian Art. Students will gain an understanding of the emergence and evolution of Asian art in all its diversity. Using a range of analytical skills, readers will learn to recognize patterns of continuity and change between the arts and cultures of various regions comprising Asia. Images set within their broader cultural and religious backgrounds provides

The China Collectors

by Karl E. Meyer,Shareen Blair Brysac

Thanks to Salem sea captains, Gilded Age millionaires, curators on horseback and missionaries gone native, North American museums now possess the greatest collections of Chinese art outside of East Asia itself. How did it happen? The China Collectors is the first full account of a century-long treasure hunt in China from the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion to Mao Zedong's 1949 ascent. The principal gatherers are mostly little known and defy invention. They included "foreign devils" who braved desert sandstorms,

 Travel  Collecting  and Museums of Asian Art in Nineteenth Century Paris

by Ting Chang

Travel, Collecting, and Museums of Asian Art in Nineteenth-Century Paris examines a history of contact between modern Europe and East Asia through three collectors: Henri Cernuschi, Emile Guimet, and Edmond de Goncourt. Drawing on a wealth of material including European travelogues of the East and Asian reports of the West, Ting Chang explores the politics of mobility and cross-cultural encounter in the nineteenth century. This book takes a new approach to museum studies and institutional critique by highlighting what is

Modern Asian Art

by John Clark

A seminal publication focusing on the modern art of Japan, China, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. A significant and challenging contribution to the discussion of the advent of modernism in Asia.

Along the Ancient Silk Routes

by Herbert Härtel,Marianne Yaldiz,Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)

Reading Asian Art and Artifacts

by Paul Kocot Nietupski,Joan O'Mara

Asian art and material artifacts are expressive of cultural realities and constitute a "visible language" with messages that can be read, interpreted, and analyzed. These essays by scholars of Asian art, philosophy, anthropology, and religion focus on objects held in ASIANetwork schools. The chapters' authors tell the stories of the collections, and the collections themselves tell stories of the collectors.

A Companion to Chinese Art

by Martin J. Powers,Katherine R. Tsiang

A Companion to Chinese Art provides a contemporary survey of one of the world’s greatest and richest artistic traditions. Including over two dozen newly-commissioned essays, it examines this region’s art and theory in all of its multifaceted complexity—spanning the theories, genres, and media central to Chinese art throughout its history. The volume offers a rich insight into China’s social and political institutions, religious practices, and intellectual traditions alongside Chinese art history, theory, and criticism. It brings

The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

by Curatorial Staff of the Asian Art Museum,Allen,Asian art museum (San Francisco, Calif.).,Tuttle Publishing,Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

The basic guide to the Asian Art Museum's collections, now in its seventh printing

Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions

by Caroline Turner,Michelle Antoinette

“… a diverse and stimulating group of essays that together represents a significant contribution to thinking about the nascent field of contemporary Asian art studies … Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-making … brings together essays by significant academics, curators and artist working in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom that reflect on contemporary art in the Asia-Pacific region, and Australia’s cultural interconnections with Asia. It will be a welcome addition to the body of literature related to these emergent

Dictionary of South   Southeast Asian Art

by Gwyneth Chaturachinda,Sunanda Krishnamurty,Pauline W. Tabtiang

This basic dictionary of South and Southeast Asian art offers clear and concise explanations of hundreds of useful terms. With over 1,300 entries and 112 line illustrations, this volume makes a handy reference for anyone interested and engaged in South and Southeast Asia Entries range from terms encountered in South and Southeast Asian history, religion, mythology, literature, to those specific to art and architecture, and are drawn from the diverse religious traditions of the region.

Harmony   Contrast

by Jane Wilkinson

Harmony and Contrast provides a cross-cultural perspective on the art of Japan, China and Korea, focusing on the use of materials in art.

Studies in Southeast Asian Art

by Nora A. Taylor

This wide-ranging collection of essays examines the arts of Southeast Asia in context. Contributors study the creation, use, and local significance of works of art, illuminating the many complex links between an object's aesthetic qualities and its origins in a community.

Central Asian Art

by Vladimir Lukonin,Anatoly Ivanov

The strict prohibition on the representation of the human form has channeled artistic creation into architecture and architectural decoration. This book is a magical tour through Central Asia - Khirgizia, Tadjikistan, Turkmenia, and Uzbekistan - a cradle of Ancient civilisations and are pository of the Oriental arts inspired by Buddhism and Islam. There are magnificent, full-colour photographs of the abandoned cities of Mervand Urgench, Khiva, the capital of the Kharezm, with its mausoleum of Sheikh Seid Allahuddin,and, the Golden

Asian Art Therapists

by Megu Kitazawa

This book explores Asian art therapist experiences in a predominantly white professional field, challenging readers with visceral, racial, and personalized stories that may push them far beyond their comfort zone. Drawing from the expertise and practices of Asian art therapists from around the world, this unique text navigates how minority status can affect training and clinical practice in relation to clients, co-workers, and peers. It describes how Asian pioneers have broken therapeutic and racial rules to accommodate patient needs and

Reframing Japonisme

by Elizabeth Emery

Japonisme, the nineteenth-century fascination for Japanese art, has generated an enormous body of scholarship since the beginning of the twenty-first century, but most of it neglects the women who acquired objects from the Far East and sold them to clients or displayed them in their homes before bequeathing them to museums. The stories of women shopkeepers, collectors, and artists rarely appear in memoirs left by those associated with the japoniste movement. This volume brings to light the culturally important, yet

The Flame and the Lotus

by Martin Lerner,Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)